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What is Neo-Traditional Architecture?

If you have been searching for a home, you have seen this term on websites, brochures, and signs. What does neo-traditional mean? Quite simply it means “new traditional.” In terms of architecture, it refers to buildings that borrow design elements from the past. While the designs are historically traditional, modern materials are used to add these nostalgic details to your new home.

All our single-family homes come in neo-traditional elevations, including Farmhouse, Craftsman, and Arts & Crafts with modern elements that homeowners love including gourmet kitchens, spacious master bathrooms, and energy efficient materials. For each of our elevations, you will see the traditional features that make our homes unique and inviting.

The Craftsman elevation has classic features such as abundant windows, low pitched roof in a gable style, and covered front porch. An asymmetrical roofline, exposed roof rafters, and stone porch supports highlight our Arts & Crafts elevation. Our modern farmhouse elevation highlights traditional elements of a welcoming front porch and side gable on the porch roof.

If you are a little bit traditional and a little bit modern, be sure to visit our model homes and find the perfect fit for you.