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New Elevation Designs for The Outlook

New Town Home Elevations

We are excited to announce we have added new elevation options for our Overlook townhome model. Gambrill View prides itself on being among the freshest and most distinctive new home communities in the entire Washington Metropolitan area. Our new elevations will add further diversity and creativity to its stunning portfolio.

The new elevations provide modern housing similar to those found closer to DC while still living in hip and historic Frederick County. The large windows take advantage of natural light and offer beautiful views of the mountains.

We now offer 13 new color schemes available on both new and old elevations. These color schemes were designed by a nationally renowned colorist to provide the latest color trends that both complement and deliberately contrast to offer customers distinctive options.

In addition to modern style, new colors, and more light, the new elevations provide more space on the first and second floors of the Overlook. One elevation even offers 10-foot ceilings in our popular loft.

Chris Dorment, Chairman of Rocky Gorge Development, shares, “These new townhome elevations, which are decidedly modern in look and feel, represent a continuation of our effort to create a unique sense of freshness and vibrancy to the entire Gambrill View community.”

Contact us or stop by Gambrill View today to learn more about these new offerings for yourself.